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Lisa's Smoke-stop story

Lisa was ready to quit. Her journey is full of highs and lows, but she's now a non-smoker!

Lisa from Poole first got in contact with us in early February 2019. She'd just registered with us and shared her first post in Our LiveWell. Apprehensive about the journey ahead, we celebrated her commitment to quit and supported her take her next steps. Here's her story:

"I got to the point where I was experiencing chest congestion on a regular basis. A cold would take weeks to recover from. The coughing was embarrassing, and the congestion was uncomfortable. February was the first time I thought about giving up and once I had made my mind up; I got in touch with LiveWell. They provided me with information about where to go for face to face support and provided 1:1 coaching with my LiveWell coach Addy. During our regular phone calls, we talked about potential triggers and how I could manage these. 
"LiveWell suggested I try the NHS Smokefree app, which I found to be a huge help as it enabled me to track and visualise my progress, which was motivating! Additionally inspiring was Our LiveWell Facebook group. One of my concerns about quitting was the change in my eating habits for the worse. The group is really helpful, with plenty of healthy eating ideas and suggestions. The support empowered me to become smoke-free and maintain my weight. I used patches which worked well for me, and I've not looked back! 
Lisa posted in Our LiveWell:

"Had my first contact with LiveWell to start my first and only goal - to stop smoking, my quit day is tomorrow, I don't think I'm underestimating how difficult it's going to be but I'm determined and looking forward to being smoke-free! Any support, from ex-smokers would be great! The next 72 hrs are going to be tricky..."

And it was! However, the support of Our LiveWell and her LiveWell coach cheered her on.
"I had a restless sleep last night, but the nicotine patch is on and I've organised some routines! I'm visualising the pros of what is to come rather than mourning the loss. I'm looking forward to talking with my LiveWell Coach Addy on Wednesday."

The lows were low!

"I feel terrible today! Really lethargic, woolly-headed and very wheezy."

But the highs were high!

"Whoop! Whoop! Smoke-free for 10 days! Bravo to the LiveWell team for getting back to me so quickly after my initial call! If you hadn't, my motivation may have disappeared! Everyone in Our LiveWell is so supportive, each on our own personal journey. The huge levels of encouragement and support spur me on!"

In April, the crisps got the better of her!

"Hi Matt, I think I could do with a quick coaching call, please? I'm on day 63 of being smoke-free, I've put on weight which I know is expected but I've never had to watch my weight and can't seem to resist crisps! Or anything that's offered! I've stopped keeping anything like that in the house, but I could do with some suggestions on how to change my mindset. It's those darn' crisps - the devil's work!!!"

May made way for new motivation:

"It's been going GREAT!! I've had a three-week stretch without patches but have kept a hold of them just in case. I've downloaded MyFitnessPal which has helped keep an eye on any weight gain. Still a bit chesty but my body feels good, so I'm getting there! 

I'm walking four miles a day consistently and have been back on my turbo trainer - my breathing is so much better! I can go for longer. We've just booked a trip to Nepal which is adding to my motivation to stay fit. A great mantra is "if you're not hungry enough to eat that Apple, you're not hungry!! I've started to use popcorn (in moderation) to replace my crisp thing, which means I'm not reaching for the crisps so easily now!"

'You are a non-smoker'

Lisa - you've done brilliantly! Well done! We're thrilled you've quit for good. 'You are a non-smoker' is the mantra we've regularly shared with you. We know that seemed unbelievable at the start and perhaps even now. But it's the truth! You are a non-smoker. We've been so pleased to be a part of your smoke stop journey from the start. Thank you for sharing it with us.
"If you are thinking of giving up I'd encourage you to mentally prepare prior to your quit date. Replace habitual routines that go with your cigarette with positive alternatives."

Don't go it alone! You don't have to, with such a fantastic support network in LiveWell Dorset it's been far, far easier! Shout out to LiveWell Dorset!

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