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Small steps to less stress!

Simplify your life, reduce your stress & reap the rewards!

The modern world of easy-to-use digital communications, combined with agile hybrid-working has increased stress levels and maximised our working time.

Can we catch a break and remedy this 2021 rat-race fatigue?

During the last 18 months the world of work has changed; on the one hand many of us have dropped the daily commute, which sounds like a huge bonus! However, the  convenience of digital resources has enabled us to respond much faster to work demands, and suddenly this fast-paced digital age is the new normal. Back-to-back meetings on screen, miniscule breaks inbetween and bound to our desks more than ever.

It's possible that many people in this situation may not be keeping up with the pace; the impact can be felt physically and mentally, but also by our loved ones and our colleagues.

How are you feeling?

Research shows that human responses to negativity haven't changed for the last 15,000 years (Period Power, Maisie Hill). Our response to a stressful congested commute,  or the influx of way too many emails is fundamentally the same as being chased by a woolly mammoth! In these moments of high alert we are flooded with stress hormones; both cortisol and adrenaline which raise blood pressure, increases heart rate, shortens breath and tenses muscles. All very well if you are running away from physical danger, but what if you are just trying to do your job?

Here's the good news! There is a natural remedy; there are some simple, accessible ways to help reduce our daily stress.

We are all responsible for making our own lifestyle choices and changes. So if something in your routine isn’t working out, its ok to change things up.

Here are some quick and easy steps you could take to reduce the impact of stressors on your day:

  1. Get outside! Even just 10 minutes spent outside during your lunch break to watch the clouds float by, or taking note of the changing colour of the trees will reduce your blood pressure, and in turn your stress levels.

  2. Build a new routine. Look for opportunities in your day where you can build in time to be outside. Maybe it’s walking part of the commute to work or if you are working from home instead of logging in straight away, take a 20 minute walk around the block as if you are travelling to work. 

  3. Bring the sound of nature indoors. Use youtube or spotify to search for  babbling brooks or bird song - play these in the background whilst you work. You'll be amazed how theraputic natures sounds can be!

Grab a pen & paper and ask yourself:
  1. How can I introduce more time in nature for my day?

  2. How do I feel when I have been in nature?

  3. What holds me back from stepping into nature?

  4. Now, you have this awareness what steps can you take to prevent yourself from falling into old habits?

Commitment isn't easy, however, making one change is all it takes. Start small, pull on a jacket and soak up the late Autumn sun, notice for a moment how the leaves have gradually changed from green to yellow to, brown, orange and red. Listen to the rustle under your feet as you step out.

Let these small cues be your sign to enjoy the moment and take in all nature has to offer, and maybe you'll feel like doing that again tomorrow!

How to Balance Your Cortisol Levels (


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