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Five Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Confidence plays an important role in building a healthy lifestyle. Read our top tips on how to boosts yours

Making a healthy lifestyle change can be a big challenge, and people often tell us they're just not confident that they can do it. Rest assured that if this is true for you, you’re not alone. What's more, there are plenty of tricks you can use to give yourself a boost and keep those inner demons at bay.

1. Get Some Guidance

The people around you can be a valuable source of knowledge. Make the most of that! Find someone who can teach you how to cook, share recipes, show you how to do exercises safely, or whatever else it might be that you need some guidance on. Getting the know-how from someone more experienced is sure to boost your confidence. Feel free to head to Our LiveWell to connect with others in our tribe.

2. The Inner Friend

We're all familiar with the inner critic – that voice that puts us down and tells us we should do better – but what if we could transform it into an inner friend? It'll take some work, as we're hard-wired to focus on the bad stuff, but it can be done. Its all about consciously telling ourselves positive things. Inwardly repeat phrases like “you can do this” and “the power to change is in your hands” to give yourself a boost and switch to a more confident you.   

3. Big Yourself Up

We all have things we know we are good at. Reflect on what those things are for you and draw confidence that you can tackle the challenges you’re facing now. Think of times you've made a positive change in your life before: how did you go about it and why did it go well? Take confidence from the simple fact that you did it, even if it was totally different from what you’re doing now.

Another handy trick is writing a list of all the things you value about yourself: what are your strengths; what would your friends and family say if asked what your best qualities are? Taking the time to think about these things can really boost your self-esteem and writing them down increases this effect.

4. Be a Role Model

Think of the positive effect your new healthy lifestyle could have on others: you might help your family become healthier too, teach friends something new or be seen as a positive influence at work or in your community. See yourself as a role model and notice what that does for your confidence.

5. Try It Out

Often we create theories about everything that could go wrong when we do something new: 'I'll embarrass myself'; 'I'll fail'; 'I won't be any good at it'. We picture the worst, even before we get started. But usually, the way things go isn’t the way we'd expect them to. So, by just doing it, we put our theories to the test, and often end up proving them wrong!

Moving Forward

We hope these tips are helpful in starting to boost your confidence. Remember if we don’t go out of our comfort zone, we never grow, and things stay the same. Take a deep breath, feel strong and move forward.

Need a little extra help? Our 1:1 telephone coaching service puts you in touch with a friendly coach who can work with you to help you understand what’s getting in the way of making a change and find the best solutions to help you move forward. Register or contact us today to find out more.


How does this work?

The tailored approach LiveWell Dorset uses to come up with solutions to the things that are stopping us achieving our goals, is based upon work done by University College London developing the COM-B model of behaviour change. In this model, all behaviour is influenced by understanding a person’s capability to change, their opportunity to change and their motivation to change. By understanding which of these is the biggest barrier to change, we can tailor support accordingly. This model of behaviour change is at the centre of the support we offer, online and in person.

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