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Reducing your alcohol intake or cutting it out completely can do wonders for your health. No matter your drinking habits, we can help you cut down and drink less.


Try our unique online assessment tool - the Habit Hacker. Designed by health and psychology experts, this quick and simple tool assesses your behaviours, preferences and barriers, then provides bespoke behaviour change techniques personalised to you.

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Drinking not only harms your health, but it can influence those around you. Here's what you could benefit from by cutting down.

Helps you feel better
Gives you more energy
Helps you handle stress better
Helps you think clearer
Makes you healthier
Helps you live longer
Reduces the risk of artery disease
Lowers your blood pressure
Prevents type 2 diabetes and some cancers

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I never wanted to quit, just cut down, but through this service, I have managed to remove alcohol from my life and I feel so much better for it.

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Other places to look


The Drinkaware Trust is a UK independent alcohol education charity who aims to work with others to help reduce alcohol-related harm by helping people make better choices about their drinking.

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Alcoholics Anonymous

AA is concerned solely with the personal recovery and continued sobriety of individuals with drinking problems who need help. AA is free to everyone and is there to provide support to those looking to reduce alcohol consumption.

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How does this work?

The tailored approach LiveWell Dorset uses to come up with solutions to the things that are stopping us achieving our goals, is based upon work done by University College London developing the COM-B model of behaviour change. In this model, all behaviour is influenced by understanding a person’s capability to change, their opportunity to change and their motivation to change. By understanding which of these is the biggest barrier to change, we can tailor support accordingly. This model of behaviour change is at the centre of the support we offer, online and in person.