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What is the best Exercise to Lose Weight?

Aside from dieting, exercising is one of the most common strategies employed by those trying to lose weight. This is for the simple reason that exercise burns calories, which means that it plays a key role in weight loss, while also being linked to several other physical and mental benefits, such as developing stronger bones, improving mood and reducing the risk of chronic diseases.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of some of the best exercises you can use to lose weight.



Walking is by far one of the best exercises you can use to lose weight; not necessarily because walking burns the most calories, but because it’s a naturally occurring form of exercise that can be easily implemented into any daily routine. You can add extra steps into your daily routine in a variety of ways, including taking walks during your lunch break, replacing your commutes with walking, taking the dog for extra walks or even just taking the stairs at work instead of the lift.



Going for a jog or a run is another great way to burn lots of calories and lose weight quicker. They are similar to walking in that they can be done anywhere, almost any time and require no expensive equipment to do. Jogging and running are great exercises for weight loss that are easy to incorporate into your weekly routine. They can also help burn belly fat, which is linked to many chronic diseases.



Cycling is another form of cardio that is great for people of all fitness levels, can be done outdoors on a bicycle or indoors on a stationary exercise bike. Not only is cycling great for weight loss, but studies have found that people who cycle regularly have better overall fitness, increased insulin sensitivity, and a lower risk of heart disease.



Swimming is another great form of cardiovascular exercise, and is seen as a particularly fun way to get in shape and lose weight. If you incorporate swimming regularly into your exercise routine, you will see several benefits, including a reduced risk of heart disease, significantly reduced levels of body fat and improved flexibility. Plus, being a relatively low impact exercise means that swimming can be done by almost anyone, even those suffering with joint pain or other injuries.



Yoga is another popular form of exercise, which is noted for its particularly positive benefits of relieving stress. It’s a great way to keep your body flexible and strong, and is known to aid weight loss.


Weight Training

Weight training can help you lose weight by helping to burn calories not just during, but also after your workout, as well as promoting muscle growth, increasing your metabolic rate, which is the rate at which your body burns calories while resting and generally strengthening your body.


Interval Training

Interval training is an effective weight loss strategy that can be applied to many types of exercises, including running, jumping, cycling, and whatever your favourite exercise are. Incorporating interval training into your routine can help you burn even more calories in less time, plus by incorporating variety in your routines, they become more enjoyable and more likely to be repeated. Remember, even 5 minutes of internal training per day is better than no exercise at all!


Those were just a selection of some of the best exercises you can start doing in order to reach your weight loss goals. While each person might have different preferences for different types of exercise in terms of their weight management, any form of regular exercise is good exercise, so its just a case of finding something that you enjoy and are likely to stick to.

To see some of our other blog articles on how you can lose weight, you can view our Lose Weight blogs here or contact us about getting active or losing weight.


"In January 2019, I was five stone heavier. Now, with the weight loss, parkrun and netball, my anxiety has improved tenfold."

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