Monday - Friday 9am - 6:30pm

In the community

The engagement team are our 'people on the ground' and are here to help the community think about their health.

The team are out and about across Dorset, Bournemouth and Poole promoting the services we offer and encouraging people to change to a healthier, happier life.

Every day is different for our LiveWell Community team, from attending local markets, working with outreach teams to talking to families in children’s centres, the message is always the same. The way we look after our bodies now can have long lasting effects on our health and wellbeing. Getting healthy doesn’t always seem like the easiest thing to do, but with support from our team, you won’t have to face the journey alone.


We're a team promoting our services and encouraging people to change to a healthier, happier life.

Lydia Turnbull

Wellness Engagement Team Lead

Tracey Hudson

Wellness Engagement Co-ordinator

I do not have a typical day, as it changes constantly. Being the ‘face’ of LiveWell Dorset I am out and about actively promoting the services that we offer, from GP surgeries, attending events and networking with fellow stakeholders. The part I enjoy most about my role is being able to meet our clients face to face and know that we are making a difference. The positive feedback on how we have changed somebody’s life for the healthier!

Chloe Thomas

Wellness Engagement Co-ordinator

I’m passionate about health behaviour change and I was inspired to join the LWD team as they play a big role in prevention at scale and aim to reduce health inequalities throughout the county! I have a particular passion for physical activity and aim to inspire others to improve their health and wellbeing by being active!

Holly Drinkwater

Wellness Engagement Co-ordinator

I was inspired by my family. We have had our ups and downs over the years but through fierce love and support from each other we have always pulled through. I can say that we have each touched on one or more of the issues that LWD helps tackle in order to live a happier and healthier lifestyle, and I wanted to help others who may not have had the support and strength that I received and provided for my family.

Scott Matthews

Wellness Engagement co-ordinator

The best thing about my role is no day is the same. From busy central Bournemouth to rural North Dorset, I am constantly experiencing new things myself, which I love.

Anna Serkowska

Wellness Engagement Co-ordinator

How does this work?

The tailored approach LiveWell Dorset uses to come up with solutions to the things that are stopping us achieving our goals, is based upon work done by University College London developing the COM-B model of behaviour change. In this model, all behaviour is influenced by understanding a person’s capability to change, their opportunity to change and their motivation to change. By understanding which of these is the biggest barrier to change, we can tailor support accordingly. This model of behaviour change is at the centre of the support we offer, online and in person.